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In particular, the discovery of the TKTL1 gene and its importance for both healthy and cancer cells has taught me a lot about the functioning of human metabolism. I realized that nutrition is the key to physical and mental health and that our current diet (Western Diet) is one of the major causes of civilization diseases such as diabetes, Alzheimer’s, heart attack and cancer. With this in mind, the knowledge from my own research and the latest findings from medical research, I try to develop early detection tests as well as nutritional and pharmacological treatment options that protect people from such diseases and effectively support existing diagnostic and therapeutic methods.

The cornerstones of my work

Discovery of the gene DNaseX

Thanks to the discovery and research of the DNaseX gene, a marker is now available that enables early detection of all types of tumors.

Discovery of the gene TKTL1

Thanks to the discovery and research of the TKTL1 gene, a marker for the early detection of malignant tumors and an attack target for treatment with benfo-oxythiamine are now available.

EDIM technology

Epitope detection in monocytes

The development of epitope detection in monocytes (EDIM), a new flow cytometry-based method for the detection of biomarkers in blood, lays the foundation for the future development of numerous new diagnostic tests.

PanTum Detect universal cancer test

Early detection of tumors

Using EDIM technology to detect the biomarkers DNaseX/Apo10 and TKTL1, a unique new blood test for early detection and characterization of cancer was developed.


Inhibitor against chemo-resistant cancer cells

The establishment of the vitamin B1 derivative benfo-oxythiamine (BOT) opens up a new treatment option that sensitizes resistant tumors to established cancer drugs.

Drinks with lactate

Low-carbohydrate, high-fat drinks to support therapy

Special lactate-containing beverages with a high fat but low carbohydrate content support dietary cancer therapy on the basis of the nutrition concept developed by me, which is specifically aimed at inhibiting the TKTL1 metabolism.

Functional chocolate products

For intelligent chocolate enjoyment

Unique chocolate products with the natural, blood-sugar-friendly and tooth-friendly sugars isomaltulose & galactose and other functional ingredients promise intelligent enjoyment at the highest level.

Premium Energy Drinks

Natural refreshment with functional ingredients

The exclusive soft drinks combine fast energy through blood sugar friendly sugar, mental strengthening through selected plant extracts and natural refreshment thanks to exquisite plant aromas.

Dr. Coy’s nutritional approach

The special nutritional approach supports the sensitization of tumors to chemo- and radiotherapy by reversing the altered energy metabolism of cancer cells.


reduce to 1 g per kg of body weight


100 milligram of unsaturated vitamin E a day

Secondary phytochemicals

in sufficient quantities (especially polyphenols)

High quality fat

10 gram omega-3 fatty acids & 10 gram MCT fat per day


take 1.5 gram spread over the day

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