Quantum leap in early cancer detection

In the current issue 01/24, DUP UNTERNEHMER magazine takes an in-depth look at the “beacon of hope” gene TKTL1. In an interview, TKTL1 discoverer Dr Johannes Coy explains the revolutionary opportunities that the gene offers for the early detection and treatment of cancer.
At this year’s BIG BANG HEALTH Festival, Dr Johannes Coy was featured as a panelist on the DUP Stage. Together with Prof Dr Dietrich Grönemeyer and Prof Dr Wolfram Gössling, he spoke about the chances of early detection and treatment of pancreatic cancer in his panel talk.

Message from Dr Johannes Coy to Prof. Svante Pääbo

for the 2022 Nobel Prize in Medicine. The paleogenetics founded by Pääbo and the basic research of the Max Planck Society underline, among other things, the importance of TKTL1 for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

We will rethink medicine – TKTL1 Talk with Dr Johannes

In the 11-minutes interview, Coy talks about the importance of the latest findings on TKTL1 for cancer therapy and perspectives on immunotherapy.